July 28th - August 15th 2019
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The Marina Bondarenko Memorial Prizes

To an outstanding participant of the Master Classes:

2 Additional prizes bestowed by her family,
partial scholarships for participation in the 2020 Master Classes:
$300 each

The Pnina Salzman Memorial Prize

In memory of Nehama Rosenberg –Landes 

Bestowed by her sister Prof. Ruth Arnon

To an outstanding participant of the Master Classes


The Concerto Competition Prizes in memory of Yasha Bistrizky

  • First Prize:

  • Second Prize:

  • Third Prize:

Audience Favorite prize,
bestowed by Perry and Senecky Families:

Excellence prize for an Israeli pianist,
bestowed by Zfunot Tarbut organization:
1000 ILS

Prizes bestowed by The Zfunot Tarbut
Organization to Israeli pianists for an
outstanding performance at the Tel Hai

1500 NIS each